Developing National Teams that consistently succeed on the international stage

U.S. Soccer is committed to building National Teams that inspire a nation of soccer players and citizens. We work to assemble the best players of all ages for crucial high-performance training and competition.

It takes time, careful preparation and resources to ensure U.S. National Teams have the opportunity, expertise and innovative technology to compete and win FIFA World Cups. Your gift today can help us: 

1. Invest in enhanced infrastructure to identify and monitor 21 National Team player pools

More than virtually any other soccer nation, we are faced with a tremendous challenge to identify and scout players across a large geographic area. We need more professional scouts and infrastructure to build the best National Teams possible. 

2. Support a new High Performance department to maximize team potential through technology and innovation

U.S. Soccer currently uses cutting-edge technology and sports science to optimize the health, work rate and results of National Team players. But in the most high-tech and entrepreneurial country in the world, we know we can do more to strategically and cohesively impact on-field performance. 

3. Increase the quality and frequency of Youth National Team activity to meet the rising level of international competition

Preparation is crucial to winning when it matters most. U.S. Soccer has recently added four new National Teams, increasing the number of annual training camps by 29% from the previous year. We need more camps and valuable, strategic competition to prepare for and beat the best in the world. 


By the Numbers

21: National Teams

35,000: Youth National Team training days

400: Training Centers in 43 markets across the country

200: Youth National Team prospects monitored abroad

225: Active scouts for boys and girls

117: National Team matches in 2017